Lamdmark edition design book included.

Draw the world-famous landmarks with your hands! Shall we go to travel around the world in your room?

So Easy for everyone

You can draw according to the design which is placed under the clear acrylic pad. So it's very easy to draw even for beginners and kids. 

Draw the design chosen by your preference

You can also print out many designs you like most. Please try with the various designs.

Draw with neon markers

It can be easily removed with tissue papers or wet wipes, so you can modify it whenever you want.

My only one Scribee mood light DIY set  

Enjoy drawing by your hand!

Why don't you make your place cozy with the soft mood lamp by using your special art?  

A tiny emotional touch, Scribee Mood light! 

Even in a lonely space, Scribee Mood Light will give you healing. The iron pen brings permanent beauty that never can be erased, and neon markers can be easily erased, so various memories can be captured.

scratch art pen

neon marker

The real paper design book is provided

We provide the most popular recommended illustrations as a physical paper book.

Various 171 designs!

Illustration design pdf file

A variety of 171 types of "illustration pdf files" is included in the Scribee Mood Light DIY kit, so you can choose and draw your favorite design. Download the file, and print it out to use it as your wish. If you want to create your own original art, you can also use your favorite illustrations, pictures, photos, etc.

Let's watch and learn!

Are you a beginner and worried about drawing? No need to worry at all! As soon as you purchase the product, we will send you an email giving you access to the course site.

What I can learn by taking the class?

Watch the 7 video lectures and follow along!

  1. The components of Scribee
  2. How to hold a pen & draw lines
  3. Print out and draw
  4. How to fill up the face easily
  5. Draw it with Line Illustration.
  6. Draw with a photo
  7. Draw with neon markers

Course Preview

Draw it with Line Illustration

You can create various atmospheres from various designs.

You can easily change the atmosphere in your room by replacing the acrylic pads in Scribee mood light. You can make your own space such as your room, office, cafe, shop, etc.

scratch art pen

Delicate and smooth expression

You can easily manage daily schedules such as check list, bucket list by adding neon marker pens to Scribee. It comes out very thin, so detailed pictures can be beautifully expressed (1mm).

neon marker

Why don't you create your only one Scribee mood light? 

This is the lamp you can just insert the acrylic pad in the wooden stand. So if you are good at drawing, you can enjoy various patterns by replacing the acrylic pads. Please try to create your one-only mood light in the world.

scratch art pen

neon marker

To make your special day more special.

You can enjoy the day more special, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas.

scratch art pen

neon marker + scratch art pen

The true reviews from our customers.

Our precious customers made special memories by Scribee mood light. 

How to create a Scribee mood light

1. Scratch art pen


Fix the acrylic by tapingside of the acrylicafter putting the acrylicon the design


Put the support on the board and turn on the light to be able to see it lighten while you draw


Draw straight lines by using a ruler which makes you easy to do so


Meticulously color the side with one direction


After you finish working on, wash out or wipe it out with a cloth

2. Neon marker


Shake well before using

the neon marker pen


If you have a new marker pen, press the marker tip on the paper strongly to spread its ink


You can use the white neon marker right away without shaking it.


It's done when you complete your own neon Scribee!

What are the differences? 

Scratch art pen

Neon marker

Not erasable


Scratch to Draw

Draw with Pen



How to turn on the lamp

1. Connect the adapter directly to an outlet

2. Connect to the sub battery

3. Connect to USB of PC

The best gift for everyone!

Scribee mood light can be the best gift for everyone as the product is high quality.

The components of Scribee 


3 set

Product Dimensions
11 x 14.5 x 4cm, 194 Grams

Art Deco

11 cm

Type of Bulb




Special Features

2-Way Swithcing

Shade Material


Light Direction


Power and Plug

Corded Electric

Batteries Required


Led Wattage

1.4 Watts

Item Weight

475 g