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SEEART Studio application is only available on iOS device with Truedepth Camera. (iPhone X, iPhone Xs, Xr, Xs Max, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max)


Using the principles of art

Seeart AR Studio

With the help of augmented reality. you can learn the principles of art from the beginning and draw accurate shapes easily

Overall content

2D & 3D Lines

When you draw a portrait, you need to think about the overall frame of the face first, not just its details directly. Through the Seeart Studio, you can learn how the person's face changes when the person turned her/his head, so you can easily get the right shape of the face and your skills gradually improve day by day.

UV Mapping

based on anatomy

You can clearly understand the skeletal structure of the face by looking at the UV mapping created based on anatomy, and make the three-dimensional effect easier and more accurate.



We have added Anatomy to help you understand the shape of the face. Even with small movements such as facial expressions and blinking eyes, our muscles move and the way you draw has to be changed accordingly


To find your own answers

that are not fixed answers

It's hard to practice drawing while looking at real shapes or looking at models always. So, Seeart Studio provides 3D viewers of basic shapes, so you can practice with your own drawing models.


From the face shape to each 

and every features in order

We made a class to study each and every dividing parts of the face.


Basic shapes

starting with the principle

For all objects, you need to start with basic shapes. So you can imagine its shape and draw an exact shape based on it.


Gradually subdivided

by applying basic shapes

You can see how the basic shape is gradually subdivided to find the shape through the process.


Clearly divided ratio

not to be confused

There is a ratio to the overall face or features. When the ratio changes little by little, the personaity comes out such as mouth or eyes are small or large. After learning the basic ratio, it is easier to draw more and more unique faces.


Keep your eyes on real model photos,

to observe various angles and expressions.

You can practice the overall face and features while looking at the 3D viewer covered with UV mapping.

Contents list

What I can learn

by taking the class?


High lank in the Graphics & Design category

High lank in the Graphics & Design category

It is in the top 10 in 35 countries. SeeArt Studio is being loved and recognized by people all over the world, including 1st in Bulgaria and Macao, 2nd in Hong Kong, 3rd in Italy, 4th in the Sweden and 5th in U.S in the App Store'Graphics & Design' category. We will do our best more and more to everyone enjoys art easily and approach it. Thank you.


Can I use SEEART Studio on my smartphone?

SEEART Studio application is only available on iOS device with Truedepth Camera. (iPhone X, iPhone Xs, Xr, Xs Max, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max) Android will be developed soon. and you can use AR web camera service if you have joined our service last year.

How can I use this service?

Search 'SEEART Studio' in the iOS App Store. You can use it after purchasing a paid application. Not supported on Android now.

Can I use this app by using rear camera?

Since SEEART Studio requires a Truedepth camera, it doesn't support rear camera features. SEEART Studio is a self-portrait app, so if you want to draw a portrait of another person, ask him or her to take a selfie.

Can I apply AR to photos saved in my gallery?

Sorry, currently gallery feature is not applicable. Gallery feature will be updated later.

How much is SEEART Studio app?  

This price of SEEART Studio is $18.99, and It can be change if our service is changed to subscription service. But you can buy app with one-time purchase now.

I purchased a web courses before. Do I have to purchase the app separately?

Currently, new join to the web service is stopped, but existing users can use web service for a period of 6 months. The core functionality is provided the same, so there is no need to purchase the app more.

Contact our support at After confirming your identity, we will update your information and resend you the email.